Jal Jeevan Mission provides pure drinking water

There has been a huge problem of water in our village, the water that comes out of the tube is not suitable for drinking. The government has taken this step and started building a tank here. We are very thankful to the government that this tank will be started soon. When its water starts flowing, we will remain healthy with its water and the problems that people were facing would be resolved. This is not only for our village, there are other villages also. We are very thankful to the government that they took this step. There are around 400 manufacturing units in which about 1.5 lakh people work from outside and if you see our population too, three to four villages are concentrated on this. For a long time we had been demanding that we get a clean water filter here.We were struggling with health issues here. The water area department here has heard our demand and we have installed a federation plant here, so it is beneficial for our entire industry. once the water that you are drinking is pure, so it has definitely got very good impact on your health and on your society as well. Our main aim of Jal Jeevan Mission is to provide water to the people, quality or quantity, it should be filtered water. The cost of the project is 5.64 crore.This scheme of ours will be completed in two months. It will be completed by 15th April. Winter season has come in between so we could not complete it.

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