Jal Jeevan Mission Budgam | Jammu & Kashmir Locals Express Gratitude for Clean Water & Initiatives

Jal Jeevan Mission Budgam | Jammu & Kashmir Locals Express Gratitude for Clean Water & Initiatives Jal Jeevan Mission is a campaign to reach the villages and homes of the poor, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a way, this is a campaign to give new energy, new strength and new heights to Gram Swarajya and empowerment of villages, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. This is a great scheme, before this the common people faced a lot of difficulties, said locals residing in Budgam, Jammu & Kashmir. Either we used to drink tube well water or drink water from the river. This caused a lot of trouble to people. People used to catch diseases. Now people are so happy with the Jal Jeevan Mission being carried out in Budgam. Mothers and sisters are also happy. They had to find water which had to be boiled or brought from a tube well They used to carry water in pots from the well. The water pipeline has made the locals happy. We were using dirty water all this while. It was not fit to drink. We hope that our children will not have to suffer the hardships we have done in terms of obtaining water. Under this scheme the entire area is going to get clean water. We will use this water in a good way, said Budgam residents. There is a severe shortage of drinking water here, said a female resident. Now we are sure that we will definitely get clean water to drink. We had a lot of difficulties till today, we used to fetch water from pots all day long. If this scheme works properly then the water problem will end in the entire area. We wish that what hardships we have seen our children should see comfort. We should be very thankful to the government that they provided us water facilities and many other facilities. Govt is doing very good work for us, locals said. Through this scheme everyone will get water in each home. This scheme has been made well, so all the water will reach the entire village. People are doing tremendous work in Jal Shakti Scheme. Earlier one had to go to the office, now the officer comes in the villages. We hope that through this scheme every house will get water and sewerage. We are thankful to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Lt Governor Shri Manoj Sinha, said Budgam locals. We get wages from the government policies. We are able to run our house well. And we benefit from the schemes as we get employment, remarked another. Earlier there was unemployment and the problems increased for us. And today we are living our life well by working as labourers. We are thankful to the government that we come here every day, work and earn from Jal Shakti Jeevan Abhiyan. What has changed in your Sheikh Pura village now compared to before asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to local women? We had a lot of water shortage in Sheikh Pura, said a female resident of Budgam. Earlier we used to bring water in pots from the well. We got water pipeline and now we are getting water in our homes. We are grateful to the Modi government. We reaped benefits of the Ujjwala Scheme. We did not have gas cylinder in our kitchens then we got gas. We are getting old pension scheme. We have to take our country forward, said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Budgam locals.

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