Inter-School Zonal Level competitions kick off in Nagseni, Paddar Zone Nagseni Zones

KISHTWAR, JUNE 07: The Inter-School Zonal Level Competitions have commenced with great enthusiasm in Zone Nagseni and Zone Paddar. The events mark the beginning of an exciting series of athletic and academic competitions aimed at fostering sportsmanship among students.
In Nagseni and Zone Paddar Zones, the competitions feature a diverse range of sports and activities, bringing together students from different schools to showcase skills and teamwork.
The events have been organized with the objective of promoting holistic development and healthy competition among the youth.
Meanwhile, Zone Kishtwar & Drabshalla are witnessing the second day of highly anticipated Under-14 and Under-17 Boys and Girls competitions. The events have drawn significant participation, with young athletes competing fervently across multiple disciplines. The competitions are designed to identify and nurture young talent, providing them with a platform to excel and gain recognition.
The events in the twin zones are being conducted under the supervision of DYSSO Jaffer H Sheikh, besides, experienced coaches and officials, ensuring fair play and adherence to the highest standards of sportsmanship. The enthusiasm and energy displayed by the participants have been commendable, reflecting their dedication and passion for sports and academics.
The competitions will continue over the coming days, with numerous events lined up, promising more excitement and opportunities for the students to shine. The closing ceremonies will feature award distributions to honor the outstanding performers and celebrate the spirit of participation and camaraderie.

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