Inspiring to witness impact of PM Modi’s initiatives in J&K

‘The Viksit Bharat Ambassador program in Srinagar transcended the realm of a mere gathering; it served as a catalyst for change, a platform for constructive dialogue, and a testament to collective aspirations for a brighter future’ Shri Hardeep. S. Puri writes a note of thanks to participants of the Viksit Bharat Ambassador program in Srinagar held on April 20, 2024. He further said that it was a profoundly enriching experience. The event served as a convergence point for over 300 individuals from diverse backgrounds, all bound by a shared passion to witness and contribute to India’s transformative journey towards Viksit Bharat.The program provided a platform for robust discussions on various aspects of development, connectivity, and tourism in the region of Jammu & Kashmir. It was inspiring to witness firsthand the tangible impact of initiatives spearheaded by the Modi Government, which have played a pivotal role in reshaping the socio-economic landscape of the region’ Notably, the completion of 237 projects valued at approximately Rs 5594 crore, alongside the ongoing development of 58 projects worth around Rs 1793 crores under the Smart City Mission, underscored a resolute commitment to infrastructural advancement and sustainable growth. Central to the deliberations was the historic abrogation of Article 370, a decision that has heralded a new era of empowerment and opportunity for the people of Kashmir. By dismantling barriers to development and fostering integration, this constitutional reform has empowered Kashmiri citizens to actively contribute to the pursuit of peace and prosperity in the region. Indeed, it has opened doors to a myriad of possibilities, signaling a paradigm shift in the socio-political landscape of the state. Shri Hardeep. S. Puri further said that the engagement did not conclude with the conclusion of the event. This gesture underscores a steadfast commitment to fostering dialogue, soliciting feedback, and addressing concerns related to the developmental trajectory of Jammu & Kashmir. As we navigate the path ahead, guided by the principles of inclusivity and progress, let us remain steadfast in our resolve to realize the vision of a truly Viksit Bharat – a nation empowered by sustainable development and inclusive growth.

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