Inspired by Lord Shiva’s immortal tale, Malaysian joins Amarnath Yatra to feel the divine journey

I am from Malaysia. My journey started from Kuala Lumpur. I flew to Delhi and then took a flight to Srinagar. Before coming I tried to register online for the Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2023, said a female pilgrim. I have been hearing about the yatra for a long, long time from relatives and friends. I have also been watching about the Amarnath yatra on the Internet in Instagram and Facebook reels. I have also been reading a lot about this yatra, how Lord Shiva took this path to the gufa or cave to recite the story of immortality. I am finally here at the Amarnath cave and I am feeling very blessed to be here. I am about to complete the spiritual journey. This yatra is challenging for me as I come from a country having hot weather. Either we have rain or sunshine in Malaysia. We do not have winter, snow or glaciers. So Amarnath is a very cold place. I bought jackets and I hope I can withstand the cold, said the pilgrim. Besides that the scenery is beautiful and I am looking forward to feeling the journey. I am not very displeased on religious rituals. But I like it on my own. My belief system is that I believe the spiritual is in you and the Guru is in you. So I always try to talk with the Guru who is sitting inside me and surely in the heart. Here there is something more powerful showing us His presence. Seeing is believing but feeling it and experiencing it is another thing. So if anyone is interested please do this yatra. I need the blessings of Lord Shiva definitely. Reach Amarnath cave safely, pray and return back safely, said the female pilgrim from Malaysia.

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