Infrastructure projects inaugurated in Baramulla to bring progress and balance development

उकाबी रूह जब बेदार होती है जवानों में नज़र आती है उनको अपनी मंज़िल आसमानों में Baramulla’ s public, especially the young people, have tried their best to set the destination heights of their holy city. Youth are the saviours of our future. And they have to play the most important role in the progress of J&K, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha while inaugurating several key infrastructure projects in Baramulla. Every effort is being made to give youth and players an opportunity to showcase their skills better and it will continue. Efforts are being made to ensure that our sisters can also contribute fully in the development of Jammu and Kashmir, LG said. I’m sure in the future other cities of Jammu and Kashmir will also be able to achieve their goals by following the footsteps of the youth and women of Baramulla. Efforts are being made to fulfil the dreams of the quality of life which the citizens of Baramulla had dreamed for a long time, LG said. Last month, in the Aspirational District category, the Honourable Prime Minister honoured Baramulla with the Aspirational Public Service Administration Award. The award was an encouragement to all brothers and sisters, public representatives, deputy commissioners and their entire team for their hard work. There are many areas like health, education, self employment, women empowerment, in which Baramulla, which once lagged behind, is setting many new records. Improvement in primary health centres, community health centres are being made. Smart Kindergarten Complexes for pre-primary education, Atal Tinkering Labs for hands-on and innovative education are being established. Youth are also ready for Industry 4.0 with the establishment of five Industrial Training Institutes. For this, the Center of Innovation, Education and Invention is running here in collaboration with Tata Technology. All these efforts have proved the commitment of the Jammu and Kashmir administration. This will not only bring progress but also balanced development in Baramulla in the days to come. All sections of people and all areas of the district will be benefited. Backward villages will be mainly connected to the mainstream and a continuous effort is being made to do so. There is a great old saying in Urdu… राहे इश्क़ में मंज़िल आसान नहीं होती We know this, said the LG, and that is why efforts should be made to continue the journey of the last three years of progress without stopping. We have won all the challenges with your cooperation, the LG said. Once again I heartily congratulate all of you for these projects.This effort will continue for all of us. One thing I say again and again and I feel it necessary to repeat it here, the Lieutenant Governor said. See, development can’t happen without peace. Peace is an essential and indispensable condition of development. There can be no development if there is no peace, keep this in mind, LG reiterated. Those who want to create disturbance, believe me, they are not your well wishers. The country which cannot provide food to its people, the country where flour is sold at Rs 125 per kg, that country cannot make the future of Jammu and Kashmir. You need to keep this thing firmly entrenched in your mind, LG said. Baramulla residents said that it is a matter of happiness for us that the Lieutenant Governor has inaugurated so many infrastructure projects in Baramulla. Tourists will also get a boost. Due to the increase of tourists, the people of this place and the locals will also benefit. When roads will get improved time will be saved, petrol will be saved. It is obvious that there is only benefit for the common people, Baramulla locals said.

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