Inclusive election process: Minga Shepra in Baramulla

In the bustling backdrop of electoral activities in Baramulla, the upcoming announcement of the election results on Friday, 26th, adds a palpable sense of anticipation. Today, amidst the fervor of the ongoing election, notable figures such as Dc Baramulla Menga Sherpa, have made their presence felt by visiting various polling stations in Kunzer, a pivotal constituency within the district of Gulmarg. This visit holds significant importance as it underscores the commitment to ensuring the smooth conduct of the electoral process. The dispatch center established in Kunzer serves as the nerve center for coordinating efforts to uphold the integrity of the electoral process. Accompanied by esteemed officials like Tehsildar Saheb and SDM , these visits are not merely ceremonial but serve a crucial purpose of assessing the operational readiness of the polling stations. The emphasis on inclusivity is evident with the provision of ramps at all five polling stations in Baramulla, catering specifically to persons with disabilities . This thoughtful gesture, coupled with the introduction of the Saksham App by the Election Commission of India, exemplifies a concerted effort to enhance accessibility and engagement in the electoral process. Through this innovative platform, voters, including those with disabilities, can book their slots in advance and raise concerns, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs addressed. Furthermore, the meticulous attention to detail extends to the labeling of PWD, signifying a comprehensive approach towards accommodating the diverse needs of voters. As Dc Baramulla Menga Sherpa traverses through the tehsils, inspecting polling stations and recording any issues that may arise, the underlying message is clear – every vote counts, and every voter deserves to participate in a fair and inclusive electoral process. As the countdown to the Baramulla Parliamentary constituency’s final date intensifies, these proactive measures underscore a commitment to democracy that transcends mere rhetoric, ensuring that the electoral process remains a beacon of transparency, accessibility, and inclusivity for all citizens.

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