In J&K Pulwama | Public Durbar Connects Residents with Government Schemes & Opportunities

In J&K Pulwama | Public Durbar Connects Residents with Government Schemes & Opportunities A Public Durbar was held at district Pulwama. The initiative was held in the interest of the people of J&K. People are coming to the Durbar despite the winter season. The Government itself is going to the people to ask their problem and to redress it which is a good thing and benefits the people. If somebody has any problem our officers themselves go to their houses. The Durbar will benefit the people, said residents. All the people have been gathered in the DC office whether poor or rich or middle class. Pulwama people are happy that the Durbar is being held. Big officers come and explain about the government schemes. The youth said they benefit when they know about the schemes. I have been associated with the department for 7 years and I have experienced the benefits. Earlier we used to get the seeds in less quantity. Now the scheme can provide us more seeds. I am doing my graduation and doing this work also which is not affecting my studies. Only after coming to the Durbar can we become aware about different government schemes. Different departments of the government are participating and the residents are becoming aware of the schemes available to them in different departments. The common people can talk to high quality officers. Everyone should participate in these functions. These Public Darbars are for the benefit of the people and they can pass off the knowledge to their children. We feel that the future of Pulwama district is bright and the youth will get a lot of opportunities, said the Commissioner Secretary, S & T, Saurabh Bhagat. This is the message that we want to give said officials that instead of favouring government jobs the youth must also try the traditional professions and crafts like carpet weaving or paper machie through which they can earn lakhs of rupees annually. The government will also make an effort to do skilling, upskilling and reskilling to include them in traditional jobs. And also to include them in new professions, said the Commissioner Secretary Saurabh Bhagat.

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