Igniting voter awareness & enthusiasm

The District Election Officer of Baramulla inaugurated a pioneering tonga rally from the DAK Bungalow, sparking widespread enthusiasm for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections, scheduled to be held in Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency on May 20th. This vibrant rally, a first of its kind in the region, drew the participation of hundreds of students, energising the local community. The event aimed not only to boost voter awareness and participation but also emphasised the importance of water conservation. The DEO’s initiative to use a culturally resonant mode of transport like the tonga for the rally added a unique local flavour, effectively capturing public interest and underlining the significance of active electoral engagement. This dynamic approach, blending cultural heritage with civic responsibility, highlights the DEO Baramulla’s commitment to innovating voter engagement strategies. By harnessing the collective energy of the youth and focusing on critical issues like water conservation, the rally serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of informed and active participation in the democratic process.

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