How Gandhi’s Ideology Is Working in Jammu & Kashmir | LG Manoj Sinha

How Gandhi’s Ideology Is Working in Jammu & Kashmir | LG Manoj Sinha I pay tribute to Pujya Bapu on his birth anniversary, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said addressing J&K citizens on October 2, Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanti. My best wishes to the children, teachers and Gandhians participating in the peace march, LG said. Today is also the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri ji, who followed the path shown by Bapu. I salute him too, LG added. For many years, people have been making efforts to bring this India to life by spreading the energy created by Bapu’s thoughts and philosophy. It is the result of the determined and organised efforts of these great personalities that today India is playing a constructive role in the world. It is also laying the seeds for a new era of peace, friendship and cooperation in the world, LG stated. Bapu’s ideals, his life’s work, Satya, Ahimsa (non-violence), self-sacrifice, love and bravery, through powerful tools and instruments like these it is also trying to create the Jammu and Kashmir of many dreams. Personally, I believe that we can reach the golden future of Jammu and Kashmir only by following the path shown by Bapu. The Shanti Yatra, which is raising voices against violence from every corner of Jammu and Kashmir, is making it clear that today people have come out on Bapu’s ideals of peace and inclusive development. And all religious sects respect each other equally. Now people have started getting involved in achieving social objectives through the sacred means shown by Bapu. The peace yatra started from Anantnag. Around 707 schools in Kashmir Valley and 2700 children participated in different yatras which began from September 5, 2023. A wonderful effort has been made to take Bapu’s principles to villages and cities. And it has also started a huge effort to awaken a new type of people power, LG remarked. Every precious word of Bapu is a school and a university in itself. What you and I will learn from his philosophy of life is not available anywhere else. Bapu’s ideals are precious treasures which will guide us and you for nation building and protecting social interests. These are our children, and they are the future of Jammu and Kashmir and the country. And so this effort has been going on for the last three years and I am seeing its results, LG said. All these things have contributed to the change that is being seen. If we want to make a developed India by 2047 then I think a national character will also have to be built. And together we have to make this society beautiful in the spirit of love and brotherhood and we also have to make a happy society for everyone. If we can do this work then it will be a true tribute to Bapu. Bapu’s great personality cannot be confined to any geographical limit. The public mind of the whole world and especially of Jammu and Kashmir is influenced by him. This earth of Kashmir has suffered humiliation for many years. As part of a well-planned conspiracy, a conspiracy was hatched to spread bitterness among the people themselves. The land was tortured by inciting hatred and violence against certain people in particular. For that atmosphere I believe that Pujya Bapu is like a breath of fresh air which gives peace in the heart and strength to inspire to build a future of free society with self-love. For any progressive peaceful society, there cannot be any other weapon greater than Bapu. His vast life’s work contains solutions to almost every problem of the nation. And whoever understands Bapu’s infinite vision, no one can stop him from achieving his goals. I believe that as long as there is society, as long as there is humanity and creation, Bapu’s ideals will always inspire us in nation building. And with his ideas, a new self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir and India we will be able to develop further. I request all of you to work with determination in building a developed India. It is my strong belief that the new generation participating in the peace march will soon get the opportunity to lead in the development of the nation. I want to tell all the students that you all are the inheritors of Bapu’s rich legacy. By following his ideals you have to build your own destiny and the destiny of Jammu and Kashmir, LG said to the children. And only developed Jammu and Kashmir will make developed mother India. Transform your resolutions and goals into selfless actions. This would be a true tribute to Bapu, said the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha inspiring J&K citizens.

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