How Gandhi ji’s Non-Violence can defuse the need for defensive bombs

Truth and Non-Violence are Gandhi ji’s most ideal, twin cardinal principles, explain school students in Jammu & Kashmir. Elucidating the point of Non- Violence, the student elucidated how the super powers in the world today spend billions of dollars to develop and strengthen their defensive powers. If you think rationally, this action will be deemed crazy. For on the one hand, people are dying of hunger and on the other, millions are being spent on making bombs. The damaging consequences of this action will hurt the common masses and those who are already living in poverty, and they will remain affected the most.

Truthfulness is not only speaking the truth but also doing what is right. This is what Gandhi ji believed in. He also believed in the fact that God is truth. And morality, i.e., moral codes and laws are based on truth.

Another principle of Gandhian ideology is ‘Swarajya’ meaning self-rule. This principle is linked to ‘Swadeshi’. If we look at India’s history, Indians were not able to govern themselves, as a result, people from outside India, the Britishers ruled over us. Gandhi ji wanted every individual in India should rule over themselves. In other words, freedom of every person. The freedom to speak and freedom to think and freedom to do, and financial freedom of each individual, these were the ideals of Gandhi ji and this is what he wanted to achieve through ‘Swarajya’.

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