Horses Suffer from Digestive and Health Issues During Amarnath Yatra Due to Improper Care & Feeding

Retention of urine is seen in the horses here and some kind of growth in their body. They feel exhausted and experience weakness because of this. These are the problems experienced in horses and ponies doing the Amarnath yatra rounds. Veterinarians said they give the ailing horses injections for weakness and medicines for indigestion and bloating. The veterinarians deduced that the horses are not being treated and cared for well by the pony walas. Their masters are only after money and not giving them proper food. They should give them proper diet. Their diet should include wheat bran around 2-4 kg. Mostly the pony walas feed them all at once and including water. So mostly the horses have digestive problems and that is because the feed and water given to them is all together at one time. It should be spread out three times a day. Thus we see digestive problems and an attack of colic in the horses. The ailing horses sit down in recumbent position and do rollicking. The veterinarians can understand that it is going through colic pain.

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