History of Shri Amarnath ji cave

It’s believed that Amarnath ji cave was discovered by a Muslim shepherd named Buta Malik in 1850. Since then the annual Amarnath ji yatra has been taking place. Even the visit of Swami Vivekananda to the caves in 1898 has been chronicled in the ‘Notes of Some Wanderings with Swami Vivekananda’ by Sister Nivedita. The shortest track up to the holy cave of Shri Amarnath ji is of 14 km from Baltal. For the yatra the J&K administration prepares the track, foot bridges and necessary facilities at the base camp such as medical facilities, water supply, transport, electricity and communication and streamlines all these for a good yatra experience for the pilgrims. All ponywalas engaging in the yatra get registered and also contact nearest Animal Husbandry centre for free of cost Anthelmintics for their animals.

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