‘Hello Kishtwar- Inter Voice Response System’ gains popularity, receives 4000+calls, records 351 grievances in one month

KISHTWAR, JUNE 01: The “Hello Kishtwar,” an innovative Inter Voice Response System (IVRS) launched by District Administration Kishtwar under the aegis of Deputy Commissioner Dr. Devansh Yadav, has witnessed overwhelming success in the district.
The pioneering initiative has gained immense popularity among the masses by providing a convenient platform to the citizens to voice their grievances over the phone, ultimately enhancing the overall public service delivery mechanism for the people.
To avail themselves of this remarkable service, citizens simply need to dial 8470800900 and select the appropriate option to register their grievances with the respective officers, including the Deputy Commissioner (DC), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADDC), Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Assistant Commissioner Development (ACD), AD Food Civil Supplies & Civil Supplies (AD FCS&CA), Chief Medical Officer (CMO), and Chief Education Officer (CEO).
To ensure transparency, accountability, and ease in the delivery system, all calls are recorded, and the callers receive a unique Grievance ID via SMS, which they can use to track the progress of their complaint on the district administration’s website at https://kishtwar.nic.in/hello-kishtwar/.The IVRS lines remain open for all citizens of Kishtwar every Tuesday and Thursday of the week from 11 AM to 12 Noon.
The innovative initiative, “Hello Kishtwar,” not only provides a convenient platform for citizens to voice their grievances but also fosters SMS-based online tracking, revolutionizing the way complaints are addressed. This cutting-edge feature saves both the cost of transportation and time for citizens, as they can now conveniently track the progress of their complaints from the comfort of their homes.
The simplicity of the call-based system is another remarkable aspect of “Hello Kishtwar.” It ensures accessibility for all, including the poorest and even illiterate individuals. By just dialing a phone number and selecting the appropriate option, anyone can register their grievances with the respective officers, facilitating easy and seamless communication between citizens and the administration.
This inclusive approach recognizes the importance of empowering every member of society, regardless of their educational background or socioeconomic status, to have a voice in governance. “Hello Kishtwar” breaks barriers and creates an environment where everyone’s concerns are heard and addressed, promoting a more equitable and inclusive society.
With its SMS-based online tracking and user-friendly call-based system, “Hello Kishtwar” has truly transformed the grievance redressal process, making it efficient, cost-effective, and accessible to all. The District Administration of Kishtwar remains committed to providing seamless public service delivery and ensuring that no citizen is left behind in the journey towards progress and development.
In conjunction with the Block Diwas program, the IVRS has emerged as a powerful tool for swiftly and transparently addressing the concerns of the people, thereby fostering good governance at the doorstep of every citizen.
Since its launch on April 25, 2023, a total of 4,325 calls have been received by the IVRS, and 351 grievances have been recorded through the system. The majority of these grievances have been resolved and communicated back to the concerned citizens.
In today’s session, a total of 46 calls were received by the IVRS, including 26 calls received by DC Kishtwar and 6 calls by SSP Kishtwar, among others.
This groundbreaking initiative by the District Administration reflects its unwavering commitment to ensuring the efficient delivery of public services and prompt resolution of citizen grievances. “Hello Kishtwar” embodies the principles of transparency, accountability, and citizen-centric governance, empowering individuals and communities to actively participate in the progress and development of their region.
Deputy Commissioner Dr. Devansh Yadav expressed his gratitude to the citizens for their overwhelming response to the IVRS and assured them of the administration’s continued dedication to address their concerns.
He emphasizes that the system’s success is a testament to the collective efforts of the District Administration and its commitment to providing seamless public service delivery.
The District Administration of Kishtwar invites citizens to take full advantage of the “Hello Kishtwar” IVRS and actively participate in the journey towards a more responsive and progressive society.

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