Heartwarming completion of PMAY House for Bahadur Singh in Panchayat Draman

RAMBAN, JULY 11: Successful completion of a Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana Grameen (PMAY- G) house of Bahadur Singh, son of Butto Ram at Panchayat Draman in Block Rajgarh, under the Awaas Plus Scheme is a remarkable achievement, marks a significant milestone in ongoing efforts to uplift deprived communities and improve living conditions for all the citizens.
The Rural Development Department sanctioned Rs. 1, 30,000 for Bahadur Singh’s dream house, disbursed in three prescribed installments. In addition to financial support, technical assistance was also provided throughout the construction process to ensure the house met all required standards and specifications.
This PMAY house, sanctioned in the fiscal year 2023-24, proved the commitment of the government to providing dignified and stable living conditions for all. Bahadur Singh, who has tirelessly worked as a labourer and small farmer, previously faced numerous challenges living in a kucha house at the same location. The transition to a pukka house noticeably improved his quality of life, offering him and his family a safe and stable environment.
Moreover, Bahadur Singh also benefited from the MG-NREGA scheme, securing 90 days of employment which has significantly contributed to his livelihood.
Additionally, a toilet unit worth Rs. 12,000 has been provided, ensuring access to proper sanitation facilities and further enhancing his living conditions.
District Administration extends heartfelt congratulations to Bahadur Singh and his family. They are confident that this new chapter in their lives will bring continued happiness, safety, security, and prosperity.

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