Heartwarming Amarnath Yatra: Female Pilgrim Discovers Hindu-Muslim Unity

I did the trek of the 2023 Amarnath yatra on foot and had so many great experiences, said a female pilgrim. First of all, I would like to say that one can see a fine example of Hindu Muslim unity during the yatra. Our elders who are going in the palki are being taken to the temple by our Muslim brothers. Regarding cleanliness, I would say that work is actually being done here as what we had heard about Kashmir is happening. Seeing the picturesque environment here, the health becomes happy, the pilgrim said. Sick people become well, it is the grace of Bhole ji. Our Muslim brothers also take their names. Saying Bhole Bhole, they ask us to stay on one side so that the palki journey goes smoothly as they take the palki riders on their shoulders to the shrine for a successful darshan. These Muslim brothers receive a lot of blessings from us and our hearts are filled with emotions for them. A sadhu said the arrangement is very good. Very good arrangements have been made by J&K Government. Military people are deployed for security everywhere as if standing like a statue. The administration has made very beautiful and wonderful arrangements for the yatris. Every time the tent people come and ask if there is any problem. Here in the yatra premises, you won’t even get a paper thrown away, it is so clean. Regular hot water and cold water is available for the comfort of yatris. Looks like I have come to their house as a guest, that’s how they treated me. Not only me, every yatri is like a Bholenath for the sewadars. I think no one in the world can make such beautiful arrangements for the pilgrims, said the sadhu in Amarnath.

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