He young need to be protected from Drug abuse

A mega event was organised at the Govt. Polytechnic College Avantipura. The theme was how to fight the Drug menace. The experts explained in detail about the early signs of substance abuse and also elaborated on the preventive measures. Children who are between eighteen & twenty years of age have become addicted to Drugs. Such social welfare awareness programs help everybody become aware of the evil like Drugs. The youth who are getting involved in it need to be protected. Students shared their own experiences. Discussed about symptoms & signs related to Drug abuse. It’s very much possible that there may be someone in our neighborhood. We need to forward that information. We also need to monitor our relatives & siblings. We are so thankful to the social welfare department, they gave us this awareness otherwise we would not have been able to have knowledge about all these things, if they had not taken initiative. Our motto should not only be to make drug free Pulwama but it should be Drug free Kashmir, said one of the young participants. Drugs should be removed from Kashmir. According to another student such events are very important. One has to see these things first in & around our home and then in the society. Even our own religion forbids use of any form of intoxication. ‘The youth are the future of our nation, so I want to request them to think about it and stay away from Drugs’, tells another participant.

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