Govt plans Pilgrimage Rejuvenation, Spiritual Augmentation of Purmandal Uttarbehni Circuit

SAMBA, MARCH 15: Director Tourism Jammu, Vivekanand Rai, Deputy Commissioner Samba, Abhishek Sharma and other officials conducted a joint tour of Purmandal Uttarbehni Circuit to initiate the Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive (PRASAD) scheme in the region.
The initiative aims to transform Purmandal/Utterbehni into an unparalleled spiritual destination, offering pilgrims a journey imbued with tranquility and reverence. Discussions focused on infrastructure enhancements, landscape architecture, and cultural preservation, ensuring a holistic pilgrimage experience.
The efforts will be made to preserve the region’s natural and spiritual value.
Deputy Commissioner directed sanitation efforts in Devika and Purmandal, emphasizing a commitment to maintaining a pristine environment for pilgrims and visitors.
The PRASAD scheme sets forth a transformative journey, inviting pilgrims and travelers to rediscover spirituality and culture at Purmandal/Utterbehni.

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