Government Schools in Budgam, J&K Embrace Smart Teaching Methods for Enhanced Learning and Success

The traditional way of teaching, giving lectures on board was not effective as audio or visuals. We show videos to children and explain them in three-dimensional manner. They learn better in this way through the Internet and it also helps us in explaining, says Md Altaf Bhat, a teacher. We get 100% results through this method. Ajman Gani, a student said, I want to say that it is not just the private schools that are offering facilities. I have studied in private school till eighth but it is only in a government school that I have learnt to operate the system and use it. I learn and teach on projectors. We get opportunities to read and teach in class. I am the monitor of class ten. We learnt about magnetic field lines on the Internet Smart Board. I did not know how to run a computer and I was taught how to run it by my teacher, and how to do typing and to search on Google. Teachers said that the Valley’s topmost schools do not have that many facilities as are being given in government schools. Especially this school in Budgam area in Jammu & Kashmir is known for its facilities. Government schools were earlier viewed differently but today the standards have become better. The attitude of the government, the attitude of the state government has also been very good. Hopefully our schools will excel, said the teacher. Time is so important for everyone. Now that studies have become online, it saves time for us so that we can focus more, said Ajman Gani. After listening to online studies and reading books we can understand the concepts more. So we need to make good use of social media to brighten our future. We also need to utilise government schemes and scholarships. And I feel a huge difference with smart studies, the student said.

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