Good arrangements, divine beckoning keeping the spirits of pilgrims high as yatra resumes in Baltal

I started my Amarnath pilgrimage on the 5th of July, 2023. But due to rains, the yatra was halted and we had to stay back at Baltal camp for three days, said a pilgrim. Initially I thought that we would face a problem in our unexpected stay but we did not face any during the three days of forced stay at the camps. After the rains stopped and the yatra resumed, I stood in the line from 3 am to go forward in the yatra. After crossing the checkpost, I am feeling good about the yatra again, the pilgrim said. Now we are feeling so good about the yatra. We will take Baba’s darshan with us, said pilgrims on resuming their Amarnath journey. We would like to come every year, said one pilgrim. After three days, darshan has been opened and there is a crowd waiting for it. But the enthusiasm is intact among the yatris, said pilgrims. The Shrine Board, administration team and the Army deserves congratulations for making such a good arrangement for the Amarnath travellers. These arrangements have made the yatra smooth. The fear that was there in the yatris’ minds related to mountains, water, clouds, atmosphere and nature has been driven away by the good security and administrative arrangements. People are not going back. A strong power is emerging among the yatris for the darshan of Bholenath. As they are progressing on the yatra, seeing such a good arrangement, their spirits are riding high, observed one pilgrim.

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