GDC Ramgarh organises one day Yoga Session

SAMBA, MAY 15: The National Service Scheme unit ‘Prabha’ of Government Degree College Ramgarh, in collaboration with Department of Physical Education & Sports organised a Yoga Session on the theme “Yoga aasans for Stress Management and Healthy Living” under the banner Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan and NCORD.
The event was conducted under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Geetanjali Andotra, the Principal of the College.
Addressing the students, she stated that the objective of the yoga session is to raise awareness about the ancient practices of yoga and its positive impact on physical and mental well being and she urged the participants to adopt yoga as a part of their daily routine.
The session started with Dhvani “OM” followed by Surya Namaskar by expert Ashok Kumar, PTI. He further apprised the participants about different ways Yoga can be applied to daily life, like, presence of mind, scientific meditation, Will Power, How to listen to a lecture, clapping therapy, breath control, self examination, precautions, a sound mind in a sound body, self motivation, personality improvement etc. He encouraged all the students to involve themselves in different types of Aasans and meditations. Students performed various Yoga Aasans for management of stress and healthy living. The participants felt very relaxed and positive after performing yoga and meditation sessions, as they shared it during the interactive session. The event was coordinated by Prof. Brham Dutt, NSS PO, and Ashok Kumar, PTI were the organizers of the event.
The event was attended by the students and staff members.

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