Ganderbal’s Karal Bagh: Farmers Use Health-conscious Farming Practices to Cultivate Red Grapes

This is known as a Karal Bagh in Ganderbal, Jammu & Kashmir. We do red grape farming here. The grapes here are famous and are of four-five special varieties. These grapes are not grown anywhere else. If there is mention of heaven in Quran then there is definitely mention of vineyard there. Its market is good as it goes to Delhi and other states. Grapes are also grown in Bangalore, Maharashtra and Karnataka. But we try not to sprinkle medicinal spray. We want people to stay healthy, said grape farmers in Ganderbal. This is a message for the youth. Even if they have one marla land, they can grow grapes to earn more than 30, 000 Rs fom one marla land, said farmers encouraging the youth to take action.

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