From Financial Crisis to Dairy Farming Success | How NRLM Empowered a J&K Family

From Financial Crisis to Dairy Farming Success | How NRLM Empowered a J&K Family I faced financial crisis and went into depression. In 2018 my wife said that a team of women had come from NRLM, said Riyaz Ahmed, a beneficiary. If you get associated with them they will help you to start any business. I went to their office in Shopian. They said to me that my wife can join any business that you decide and we will help her. We said dairy farming as we already had a cow in our house. We knew how to take care. So that’s how we started dairy farming in 2018. His wife Shabeena Akhter, nowa NRLM beneficiary recalled how at that time they did not have money. Her husband was jobless. If we had to go to a doctor we had to borrow money from someone. Then we met members of this team who convinced us to get associated to earn our own livelihood. Then on their advice we started our own dairy farm. At first we faced a setback of Rs 10 lakh as some cows died. Then again with NRLM help we started once gain and today we are able to earn a comfortable income, said beneficiary Shabeena Akhter. District Programme Manager Uzma Mehraj said that first a group is made. Then we see which women has what kind of potential. There are different groups like ITI, RSETI and according to the interests of women, training is provided. After that they utilise the grant to start their business, said the District Programme Manager.

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