From Farmer to Job Provider: Kashmiri Gowhar Ali Lone’s Remarkable Journey in Mushroom Farming

I started mushroom farming in 2007. Today I do not have to seek employment but I have become an employment provider, said Gowhar Ali Lone from village Khoechipora district Baramulla in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. From 2007-2023, Gowhar won 7 award. In 2022, the Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha awarded him a State Award. At G-20 meet, Gowhar prepared plants and put a stall at SKICC in Srinagar. He earned appreciation there. In 2023 he has been selected for the national award. He is the first Kashmiri to be selected for the award. Agriculture Extension Officer, Mushtaq Ismayal War says, Gowhar has been selected for the Mushroom Unit Mela to be held in Himachal Solan in the month of September. Gowhar wants to send a message through Kashmir Ahead to the unemployed youth. Those educated youth who are sitting idle at home should go to the concerned department. They should think of setting up their own units just like me, says Gowhar. With this step, unemployment can reduce in Kashmir. This is an example for the entire youth of J&K.

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