Foreign Tourists visit Gulmarg

The change is visible in Jammu & Kashmir. The foreign tourists openly appreciate the peaceful environment & the warm hospitality. A group of young women tourists from Malaysia elaborate on their experience, ‘We have come to Kashmir. It’s a beautiful place and the snow is really nice. Gulmarg is winter’s wonderland. It’s so nice, we are loving it very much’ They further add that this is the first time for them in Kashmir. It’s paradise on earth. The people of Kashmir are so friendly and nice. It’s a safe &  happy place & suggest all to visit Kashmir. Vincent is from New Zealand. According to him Kashmiri people are absolutely beautiful people. Even if you are not coming for the skiing, do come for the people, they are incredibly generous & very very trustworthy. Skiing is just a bonus . This season haven’t had the greatest snow and if it snows here you get the best padder in the world. It’s very light and ski able One of the great things about skiing in Kashmir is you can hike up to the height of 14 and a half thousand feet.The Afarwat peak is quite breathtaking and quite exhausting on the muscles. You get oxygen to the muscles and it makes the adventure much more exciting. For another couple Kashmir is a very special place and the people here are very kind and helpful. The mountains are very beautiful and peaceful. They wish to come back again because it’s an amazing place. They will propose this place to their country men especially for the winter time. They also appreciated the spring time. For them the house boats at the lakeside are very special. One young girl said, ‘Kashmir is a good and wonderful place. We love India and we really like India. We will come back again It’s a good place. All my Malaysian friends please come to India please come to Kashmir’

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