Foreign Minister lauds SKUAST-Kashmir for asking ways to get more foreign students

The Foreign Minister S Jaishankar complimented SKUAST University in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that no other university ever in India has approached us to ask what we need to do to get more foreign students? In his tenure of four years as Minister of External Affairs and three years as Foreign Secretary of India, this was the first time that a university had approached them with this initiative. He said that this is an example for other universities and I hope they will follow suit. ‘If you approach us we will be as responsive as we are to all of you,.’ assured the minister. The Foreign Minister said that a big process of change started in Jammu and Kashmir four years ago. That process of change was intended to ensure that the full benefits of development and progress that the rest of India has seen for many years were also now completely available to the people especially, the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. In that sense their being in the national mainstream is extremely important. But it was also by doing so, they would connect up with what the rest of India was connecting up which was also to be part of the international mainstream. What we saw with many other states and universities, which was more international students being there and more students going out, is something that we would like to see in Jammu and Kashmir as well, said the Foreign Minister. For me as a Foreign Minister, this is not just an education event but a very integral part of ensuring that the very important region of India is connected to what is happening in the world.

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