Food Safety Awareness Program held at Vijaypur to mark World Food Safety Day

SAMBA, JUNE 07: An awareness program to mark World Food Safety Day was today hosted by the Food Safety Department Samba to educate and inform food business operators, food hawkers, fruit and vegetable sellers and the general public on critical food safety practices. Food Safety Officer, Kulbir Singh organised the event.
Every year, June 7 is celebrated globally as World Food Safety Day to promote awareness and inspire action to help prevent, detect, and manage foodborne risks. This year’s theme, “Prepare for the Unexpected,” emphasizes the importance of proactive measures in ensuring food safety.
The program was held in the Municipality Office Vijaypur, attracting a large number of participants. Attendees received valuable information on maintaining proper sanitary and hygienic conditions in all types of food businesses. Key points of discussion included the significance of reducing the use of sugar, salt, and oil in daily food consumption to promote healthier eating habits.
The event underscored the Food Safety Department’s commitment to safeguarding public health through continuous education and enforcement of food safety standards. Kulbir Singh emphasized the role of every individual in contributing to a safer food environment and encouraged all participants to implement the practices discussed.

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