Flood response in Kupwara: DC Ayushi Sudan Leads

As Kupwara grapples with the unfolding flood situation, the district’s administration, under the leadership of DC Ayushi Sudan, is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents. The rising water levels pose a severe threat, prompting urgent calls for evacuation and cautious behaviour around water bodies. The primary directive from DC Ayushi Sudan to the residents is clear: avoid proximity to water bodies. The risk of sudden increases in water levels can lead to dangerous conditions, and the safety of every individual is paramount. The administration has made comprehensive efforts to communicate this message, leveraging announcements in mosques and urging residents to stay informed and prepared to evacuate if necessary. Schools across the district have been closed as a precaution, and teams are on the ground to assist with evacuations. The focus is currently on rescue and evacuation rather than restoration, emphasizing the immediate goal of safeguarding lives. Residents living close to water bodies are particularly urged to be vigilant and report any rise in water levels to the control room promptly. In terms of transportation, while the Kupwara to Sopore highway has been affected with water overflows, there is optimism that conditions will improve by the evening, restoring accessibility. The alternate route via the Baramulla highway remains open, providing a vital link for emergency and rescue operations. DC Ayushi Sudan has also been personally visiting the flood-affected areas, assessing the situation on the ground, and coordinating the response efforts. The administration seeks the cooperation of all local businesses and residents to manage this crisis effectively, aiming for a swift return to normalcy without the loss of life or significant property damage.

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