First batch of Amarnath yatris are happy with the 2023 yatra arrangements

Earlier I had come for the Amarnath yatra in 2007. Then we did not have as much fun as we are having now even at the start of the Baba Barfani yatra, said a traveller. We are seeing a lot of transformation and all the work is happening in a disciplined manner. A female devotee was happy that she was going for darshan of Baba Amarnath. Baba has done us a great favour by calling us. There is a good security arrangement by the government. Each year the yatra is getting better. Yatras used to happen before but now we feel that we are getting our rights, said a male pilgrim. All arrangements are made for our stay and toilets etc. The travelling experience has become more pleasant, said a female tourist. Even before we had no sense of fear because the Indian Army is very capable and we have a lot of faith in our Baba. The doubts that were there in people’s minds are completely removed now. When we see our flag visible from afar we feel very good. With the contribution of all the people, the government, the military, the local people and the atmosphere, the yatra becomes very beautiful, even the fellow devotees are very helpful. I have come alone for the yatra. But when I look around, I find all these people are mine. Earlier it was very difficult to go for darshan. From the time the Modi government has come, they have made such nice arrangements from here till Amarnath. We are thankful, said devotees. The Jammu Kashmir administration is helping at every step. Soldiers are stationed everywhere helping everyone. We have faced no problem. Sadhus participating in the yatra said it is going great, we hope to have a nice trip. Good facilities have been provided and with the blessings of Bholenath we will get the same as the yatra progresses, said another female pilgrim. The government has provided good arrangements. We are going with the first batch of pilgrims, said a youth. We are so excited. We are praying that all the devotees from all over the country should have darshan of Baba. The Modi and LG government has provided very nice facilities for the travellers. This year, Amarnath travellers will be more than last year,said a government official. In all the utilities, our preparation has been better than before. From a security point of view good arrangements have been made so that no difficulty arises in Udhampur district. This is our Kashmiriyat. We welcome each and every traveller from the bottom of our heart. This is social welfare and the Government of India is more determined to work for the country, said a group of Sadhus. We are taking this resolution at the feet of Baba Barfani that may there be peace in India and good luck be upon all. May the wishes of the devotees who are coming come true, may their journey be successful. And may there be peace and happiness in India. No one is feeling troubled here, said another traveller. The government and the Army have taken care of all arrangements. Devotees are fully taken care of. See Kashmir, wander in the plains of Kashmir, the bad times are over, now good times are coming, said another Amarnath tourist. Muslims who had come to help in the preparation of the yatra said they welcome the Hindus. We are one and part of India.

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