Female film writer/director on a recce in Kashmir finds Verinag inspirational, sacred and peaceful

I have come to Kashmir after 22 years. Last year I was here. I am a director and writer and I am making a feature film on Kashmir and I want to shoot here, said Supreet K Singh, Film Director and Writer. I have come for a recce. Actually I was to go to Pahalgam to write a story. But there was no space available and the stars led us to Verinag in Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir. This is the first time I have come to Verinag. At first, I was a little hesitant because I had not seen the place before. I think I have some kind of spiritual connection with it. Now I do not want to go anywhere. I think there is some old connection with this place. What I had come to find, for which I had gone to Sonamarg, to Gulmarg, I found it here in Verinag. Its history is that Jehangir had built the Mughal Gardens. He wanted some place in the whole world where he could go for a little peace. Jehangir liked this place very much. He wanted that when he departs for the heavenly abode, he should be buried here. That could not happen but his son got the gardens made after his departure. I think his soul is here somewhere. If you believe in energy and constellations, said the Film Director, then I think this place is very sacred. I am coming here straight on my next trip. There is peace and inspiration here. In half an hour I got four ideas. I wish I could stay here for a longer period. I have been told that the river Jhelum begins from here. The spring is so deep that you cannot make out where the water is emerging. Jehangir had told his son that the colour of water should be green. The water is so pure and clear that you can drink it. The surrounding trees and their shades have made the water green. It is reflecting till today what Jehangir wanted. The area resonates with peace. When we Kashmiris living outside talk to our people, we feel that there is so much dilemma here, people are living in so much trouble. But when I came in December I saw a change happening here, people are coming to Kashmir, tourism is increasing, you can roam around alone. I went alone from the airport. Now with G20 there are so many people here, they are roaming around carefree and people are happy. I talked to locals in Uri, Tral and Verinag and people are saying their lives are improving, said the Film Director. At the film festival in Kashmir University I talked to students and they said they go to college everyday. Gone is the time when we used to think that someday we will go in a month. Now we think on which day the bandh is happening. A Y20 event was held in which the youth were involved. We can see a lot of changes happening. Change is always difficult. People here are looking happy. G20 came at a very right point. This is one of the best things that happened to Kashmir, said Film Director and Writer Supreek K Singh.

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