Female Entrepreneur Self-starts Dry Fruit Business in Pahalgam, Makes Her Parents Proud

This dry fruit business is our own brand, said Hemu a female dry fruit seller who had set up a shop at Pahalgam Base Camp. We have Kashmiri saffron, honey, etc. We had our grocery shop. Then I thought when I get married how will I run it? It will not be allowed after marriage. Then I thought of doing dry fruit business. She asked her parents and they fully supported her and told her they have faith in her. She then registered for the dry fruit business in her name. I started with a little stuff. Then Hemu approached departmental stores and sold at a good price than the available market rate and kept a small margin. I got good support from people. They asked me if I needed any support. I am happy that in Kashmir there are such people. I feel good when someone tells my parents that your daughter is very promising. My father says I am very lucky to have daughters. We feel very proud that our parents are proud of us and that their thinking is like this. I want to give this message to the girls that they should walk in such a way that their father should be proud of them. Then fathers won’t even realise that they don’t have a son. I also want to tell the fathers to let their daughters fly and see how far their flight goes, said the female dry fruit seller.

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