Farmers with less than 4 Kanals of land can do High Density Plantation in Jammu after changed laws

Some laws were regressive and we have changed those laws, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha, speaking at an event at RS Pora Tehsil of Jammu. The permission of High Density Plantation was not there earlier in Jammu division. Two and a half years ago, the laws were changed to allow High Density Plantation in the Jammu region. Previously, permission was needed from the Revenue Minister to plant orchards and to cut it. Today, farmers have the freedom to grow orchards to their liking. The third law was that a farmer with less than four Kanals of land was not permitted to do high density plantation. These laws were changed in favour of the farmers. Other laws were changed too in the interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. There are 32 lakh people in Jammu and Kashmir who possess land, LG said. Around 31 lakh Land pass books have been generated and 25 lakh have been distributed. The rest will also be distributed, LG assured. All these steps are being taken to make the common man free from the state that was prevalent in Kashmir. And also to reduce the suffering of the people. More than 400 services have been made online. These services will become auto mode in the coming months, said the Lieutenant Governor. The Public Services Guarantee Act will ensure facilities to citizens. If the official fails to give the requisite document within 15 days, notice will go to the higher up official and there could be action against the official or financial penalty could be imposed. We are trying to have a transparent system, LG said.

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