Evening Aarti of Baba Barfani at Shri Amarnath ji Dham

As the sun sets, the atmosphere at Shri Amarnathji holy shrine becomes peaceful and filled with anticipation.The temple priests, known as pujaris, begin the evening Aarti by singing the hymn “Om Jai Jagdish Hare,” which praises the divine. The devotees join in, singing along with the pujaris. The pujaris wave a large lamp with multiple flames in front of Baba Barfani, moving it in circles. This act symbolizes offering light to the divine and chasing away darkness. The flames of the lamp light up the faces of the devotees, showing their deep devotion. After the Aarti, the pujari walks through the crowd with the holy lamp, allowing each person to receive its blessings. This moment is very special to the devotees, as they believe it brings them closer to Baba Barfani. The evening Aarti at Shri Amarnath ji Dham is a heartfelt ceremony that unites everyone in their faith and devotion, providing a sense of peace and spiritual fulfillment.

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