Ensuring fair and peaceful elections in district Baramulla

The Election Commission of India heralds a significant democratic event in district Baramulla. With meticulous planning and collaboration between various stakeholders, including the Election Commission and the Jammu and Kashmir Police, efforts are underway to ensure a fair and peaceful electoral process. On March 16th, the Election Commission formally notified the upcoming elections, marking the commencement of the model code of conduct. This code serves as a guiding framework for political parties, outlining both permissible and prohibited behaviors during the electoral period. Recognising the importance of transparency and adherence to electoral norms, the election commission convened a meeting with representatives from selected political parties in District Baramulla. During this session, the model code of conduct, along with the do’s and don’ts for political parties, was shared and discussed. Furthermore, the Election Commission emphasizes the need for public support in upholding the integrity of the electoral process. Through the media, a plea is made to the citizens of district Baramulla to pledge their commitment to a third and peaceful election. Such public declarations play a crucial role in fostering a conducive environment for democratic participation and ensuring that the electoral process remains free from coercion and intimidation. In addition to these preparatory measures, attention is directed towards the logistical aspects of conducting elections in district Baramulla. With a total of 905 police stations spread across 722 locations, meticulous planning is essential to facilitate smooth voting procedures. The district boasts a significant electorate of around 7 lakh 15 thousand individuals, underscoring the need for efficient management and organisation. To ensure widespread dissemination of election-related information, 652 banners, posters, and wall hangings have been strategically placed across Baramulla and Sopore. Moreover, the removal of unauthorised campaign materials ensures a level playing field for all candidates and parties. As the parliamentary elections of 2024 approach, the Jammu and Kashmir police are fully prepared to uphold law and order, creating a fear-free environment for voters. Rigorous security arrangements have been put in place to safeguard polling stations and enable active citizen participation. Through these efforts, district Baramulla aims to set a precedent for fair, transparent, and inclusive elections, serving as a beacon of democratic values for the entire region. The collaborative efforts between the Election Commission, political parties, law enforcement agencies, and the public are instrumental in ensuring the success of the electoral process in district Baramulla. By upholding the principles of democracy, transparency, and accountability, district Baramulla strives to conduct elections that reflect the will of the people and reinforce the foundation of a vibrant democracy.

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