Enchanting Kashmir | Tourists Enjoy Snow-Covered Gulmarg, Drung Waterfall | Find It Heaven on Earth

Enchanting Kashmir | Tourists Enjoy Snow-Covered Gulmarg, Drung Waterfall | Find It Heaven on Earth We are having so much fun here. We came here to see snow and we saw snow and also got to see snowfall, said a young tourist in Gulmarg, Kashmir. It was great coming here. Whatever you wanted is available here. Till now I had seen all this only in photos and today everything is visible in front of me, said the young male tourist. How long have we been waiting to know when there will be snow in Kashmir and when we will come here? Finally we are here and we have felt the experience. There is Drung Waterfall behind me which is very beautiful. I would request you to visit Kashmir once in your lifetime, it is very beautiful. Just have a look behind me. If it is ever possible then definitely come to Kashmir. It’s truly heaven on earth, sad a young female tourist. This is the best season to come. All the things are best, take the food, the hotels here and the environment. Everything is perfect, nothing is missing. And it is the best place to visit. If someone plans to visit a hill station, then I would say go to Kashmir. Here too, the Almighty has made it Switzerland, Masha Allah, said a local. What can I say about Kashmir, Kashmir is so lovely. Now we are in front of Drung Waterfall, what a beautiful waterfall it is, said a female tourist in Kashmir. Yesterday we had gone to Gulmarg and enjoyed Gondola ride. It’s all so lovely, there’s snow everywhere. My heart felt happy after seeing it. I would just say to everyone that if possible please come to Kashmir once. Experience the beauty of Kashmir. It’s very nice, said the young female tourist. Come explore here, this is your Kashmir brother, come and see how it is. There are valleys here, come to Kashmir, come and roam around. I am leaving with so much experience, so much happiness and so many feelings that my desire to see snow has been fulfilled by coming here. And I don’t feel like leaving this beautiful place, so I don’t want to leave from here. I just want to stay here I wish it was possible, said another young female tourist after sightseeing in Kashmir.

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