Empowering tural women: Dr. Hema Tripathi’s guidance on SHGs in Reasi

Dr. Hema Tripathi, the Associate Director of Extension, recently guided rural women in Reasi on the formation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and the broader topic of women empowerment. During the session, Dr. Tripathi emphasised the importance of SHGs as a vital tool for fostering financial independence, enhancing social support networks, and driving community development. She highlighted how SHGs can provide women with access to credit, promote savings, and create opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures. By organizing themselves into SHGs, rural women can leverage their collective strength to negotiate better terms for loans and gain access to various government schemes and programs. Dr. Tripathi also addressed the role of women empowerment in societal progress, underscoring the need for women to be active participants in decision-making processes at all levels. She encouraged the women of Reasi to take on leadership roles within their communities, thereby setting examples for future generations. The session included practical workshops on the formation and management of SHGs, covering aspects such as financial literacy, record-keeping, and conflict resolution. Dr. Tripathi’s guidance aimed to equip the women with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully manage their SHGs and maximize their potential benefits. Overall, Dr. Hema Tripathi’s initiative represents a significant step towards empowering rural women in Reasi, enabling them to improve their economic conditions and contribute to the development of their communities

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