Empowering Tribal Communities | Jan Jatiya Gaurav Diwas Marks Development Initiatives in J&K

Empowering Tribal Communities | Jan Jatiya Gaurav Diwas Marks Development Initiatives in J&K आग क्या सर्द हुई बर्फ़ को पानी कर के हम भी दरिया हुए महसूस रवानी कर के इक नए दिन की शुरूआ’त हुई जाती है क़ाफ़िलो आगे बढ़ो ख़त्म कहानी कर के लोग रखते हैं ज़राअत से ज़मीनें ख़ुश-रंग हम भी देखें किसी पोशाक को धानी कर के On the occasion of birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda and Jan Jatiya Gaurav Diwas on November 15, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi started the vision journey of development in the hearts of the tribal community, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. On that day in Gurez and Rajouri, the Bharat Sankalp Yatra began in Jammu & Kashmir too, LG said. A big campaign has been started for the dissemination of information about all the schemes of the Central Government and the holistic welfare of the tribal community. In the last nine years, the honourable Prime Minister of India has given top priority to the all-round progress of the tribal community. And efforts are being made to bring a comprehensive change in the quality of life of many such tribal families of the country who have been leading their lives on day-to-day basis for decades. As far as the question of Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, a huge effort has been made in the last four years to pave the way for the future of the ‘Adivasi Gaurav’ in the Union Territory by commemorating its golden stories. In the last forty months, the administration has been successful with the whole of government approach in taking the benefits of the tribal department scheme and all the schemes linked to social welfare to reach lakhs of poor and other tribal brothers. LG said. Many tribal areas suffering from stunted development have been included in the mainstream of society and have been provided full benefits of social justice. Wherever there is a gap or problem, continuous efforts are being made to remove it, LG added. Jammu and Kashmir administration has decided that the tribal community should get all the benefits and rights which are available to other sections of the society and citizens. Today I would like to say to you with great pride that in the last few months, historic steps have been taken for the education of the Adivasi community, its social identity, its tradition, its heritage and the revival of its institutions. Building regional schools, training teachers, creating a bright future for the tribal community through programmes like technology learning, through the schemes run by the school education, the higher education and the tribal affairs department. We are trying to ensure that every facet of the change of the 21st century reaches the tribal youth and all the schemes of progress should be made available to them so that they can also contribute in the building of India, said the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha.

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