Empowering Lives through Horticulture: Sunil Singh cultivates success by developing State-of-the-art nursery boasting 40,000 plants

KISHTWAR, JANUARY 16: In the picturesque district of Kishtwar, a beacon of Horticulture success shines bright. Sunil Singh, 38-year old Ex-Serviceman from Gundarna Tagood has transformed his passion for horticulture into a flourishing venture.
Sunil’s journey into the horticulture sector began in his childhood, fueled by a deep interest in cultivating fruit trees.
Over the last 15 years, he has not only nurtured this passion but turned it into a professional pursuit, specializing in fruit plant nursery and orchard establishment.
His state-of-the-art nursery boasts a diverse collection of about 40,000 plants, including citrus fruits, walnuts, apples, apricots, plums, hazelnuts, and pears, besides with an impressive grafting success rate of 98% on walnut plants.
Managing a sprawling orchard spread across 40 Kanal, Sunil has become a connoisseur of horticulture, particularly in the cultivation of walnuts.
With 300 walnut trees representing 20 varieties, he yields an annual income of approximately Rs 15 lakh from walnut sales alone.
Sunil’s reach extends far beyond Kishtwar, as he sells his walnuts in various parts of India, including Goa, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Bangalore. Besides he also sells/supplies high quality grated walnut plants in Uttarakhand, Himachal and North East Kashmir regions which gives fruit after three years.
His commitment to excellence is evident not just in his produce but also in his role as an educator.
He generously imparts technical training on horticulture and conducts lecture series in colleges, schools, and universities.
Sunil’s holistic approach to agriculture and allied sectors further highlights his versatility and commitment to community development.
Sunil Singh stands as a shining example for unemployed youth, urging them to invest in horticulture and embrace the potential for substantial income and dignified livelihoods.
His success story serves as an inspiration, illuminating the path for others to cultivate prosperity in the lap of Kishtwar’s natural beauty.

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