Empowering Jammu and Kashmir through Academic-Driven Startups

The National Seminar on the Role of Academic-driven Startups in Developing the Economy of J&K (RASE 2024), addressed by J&K LG Shri Manoj Sinha, emphasised the transformative potential of startups in Jammu and Kashmir. Held at NIT Srinagar, the seminar aimed to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering a culture of innovation among students. He highlighted startups as instrumental in connecting universities with industries, promoting both employment and profit generation. He advocated for a “Problem First” approach, urging entrepreneurs to focus on addressing societal needs rather than product-centric solutions. The event underscored initiatives like the J&K Startup Policy and the Holistic Agriculture Development Program (HADP), aiming to boost rural startup ecosystems. He identified opportunities in tourism, health, logistics, handloom, handicraft, horticulture, and agriculture, pledging support from the administration to nurture young entrepreneurs. Emphasis was placed on universities investing in talent for impactful innovations and providing high-quality technical education. Startups were recognised for their role in developing new technologies and creating a skilled workforce aligned with industry demands. Collaboration among academia, industry, and policymakers was encouraged to foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. The seminar, attended by prominent figures from academia and government bodies, set the stage for future initiatives driving economic growth through innovation in Jammu and Kashmir.

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