Empowering Independence: The impact of the Umeed Scheme in Jammu and Kashmir

The poor often have faith in progress but do not get the chance share in its benefits. Hard work is crucial, yet only a few reap its rewards. However, the scenario is changing, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir, where the NRLM Umeed scheme is making a significant impact across the UT. ‘As an active participant in the Umeed scheme, I am dedicated to fostering independence in the lives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This initiative has brought hope to thousands of women, symbolizing a ray of light in their lives. The scheme empowers women, giving them the courage to stand on their own feet. Personally, I have benefited greatly from the Umeed scheme. Through it, I received Rs 40,000, which significantly improved my financial situation. By joining Umeed, we can aspire to self-sufficiency and face no major obstacles in our journey. The work can be conducted in any meeting place, ensuring flexibility and convenience’, tells one of the beneficiaries from Boniyar, District Uri. The scheme has transformed many women’s lives, freeing them from financial dependency. Women can now contribute to their households, fulfill their needs, purchase clothes, educate their children, and invest in livestock such as cows and goats to sustain their livelihoods. The scheme aims to support those unable to earn independently, integrating skilled individuals into its framework. ‘The process begins with procuring white cloth, which is then cut into bundles. Over the course of a year, these bundles are dyed various colors and transformed into different products. This intricate process involves significant hard work, but the finished products are sold to villagers and marketed more broadly, ensuring a steady income’, tells another beneficiary who is into shawl making. The Umeed scheme is not just a beacon of hope but a practical solution empowering women in Jammu and Kashmir to become financially independent and contribute meaningfully to their families and communities. Through hard work and collective effort, the scheme is driving significant progress and improving lives.

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