Emotional reunion of a Kashmiri Pandit with childhood Muslim friend speaks of brotherhood in Kashmir

We were surprised by the unexpected arrival of some Kashmiri Pandits at our place in Dewar village in Tral block of Jammu and Kashmir, said the residents. The moment was an emotional reunion of an old Kashmiri Pandit friend with his childhood Muslim friend. They were my classmates and I was very happy to see them, said the resident. There is a construction of a temple going on, they had come to see that. We warmly welcomed them. If they want to come here and live, we welcome it from our hearts, he said. In this Dewar village, the three communities, Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Sardars and Kashmiri Muslims are alike. This village is famous in the Kashmir Valley. We had tears in our eyes when we saw them after 30 years. We used to visit each other’s houses on festivals like Shivratri, Baisakhi and Eid. The day was like an Eid celebration. We were so happy to see that some Pandit brothers had come back to their place and homes in Kashmir. These people are from here and we want them to be here and for us to stay together with real brotherhood. In Kashmir, all the different communities are living together peacefully and we want the Tral Kashmiri Pandits to come back too to stay here peacefully. Humanity is one whether the person is a Hindu or Muslim. We are always there to welcome them and if need be to protect them, said residents of Dewar village in Tral.

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