Election Day reflections in Anantnag: A smooth campaigning experience

As we reach our polling day, it’s gratifying to see that all preparations have been meticulously completed for a seamless recording process. Reflecting on the campaign, it’s evident that, despite occasional concerns similar to those encountered with the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) at certain locations, the majority of our experiences align logically with the standards expected. Can confidently state that the campaign has been remarkably peaceful. Shri Syeed Fakhrudin Hamid, the District Election Officer (DEO) for the Anantnag – Rajouri Parliamentary Constituency, has shared his insights on the election campaigning by political parties and their candidates. His observations affirm that the collective efforts of all involved have paved the way for a transparent and orderly election process. The commendable conduct of all candidates and their diligent workers deserves heartfelt congratulations. Their commitment has been instrumental in maintaining the decorum and civility of the campaign. We are optimistic that the next 48 hours will be managed efficiently, bolstered by the unwavering support of the Election Commission of India’s dedicated team members. Preparations includes robust control measures at every administrative level. This encompasses district-level oversight and Returning Officer (RO) level supervision, ensuring comprehensive management of the election process. To facilitate this, we have established well-equipped control rooms, ready to address any issues promptly. The meticulous planning and collaborative efforts have set the stage for a successful polling day. The dedication of our teams at every level will ensure a smooth and efficient electoral process, upholding the integrity and fairness of our democratic system.

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