Dr. Jitendra Singh files nomination from Udhampur-Kathua seat

Union Minister Jitendra Singh on March 21 filed his nomination papers from the Udhampur-Kathua Lok Sabha constituency for the first phase of general elections in Jammu and Kashmir on April 19. Indeed, Kathua stands as a beacon of development. The two-time MP from Udhampur-Kathua is aiming for a hat-trick of wins and thanked the people for their faith in him. The trajectory of progress within the constituency is marked by the inception of myriad new initiatives and the implementation of national-level projects. These endeavors, catalyzed by the BJP’s stewardship, have heralded an era of unprecedented growth, propelling Kathua to the vanguard of development on the national stage. Moreover, the revival of stalled projects, a casualty of previous administrations’ divisive politicking, underscores the BJP’s commitment to inclusive governance, transcending barriers of discrimination and regional biases. Crucially, the burgeoning support base of Kathua comprises a youthful demographic, with over 70% of voters under the age of 40. This burgeoning cohort, characterized by its resolute determination and unwavering conviction, stands poised to shape the electoral landscape. Their unequivocal endorsement of Modi Ji, with aspirations of surmounting the 400-seat threshold, epitomises a generational mandate for progress and prosperity. In essence, the resounding chorus of support echoing through the streets of Kathua heralds a paradigm shift in the political landscape. It symbolizes not merely a convergence of ideologies but a collective affirmation of faith in the transformative potential of effective governance. As Kathua marches steadfastly towards a future imbued with promise and prosperity, its journey stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of democracy and the indomitable spirit of its people.

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