Doda Admin Launches Vikas/Vishwas Rath to Showcase Developmental Achievements in last 4 years

DODA, OCTOBER 26: As a prelude to the celebration of the Union Territory (UT) Foundation Day and EKTA Diwas on 31st of October, the Doda Administration today launched the Vikas/Vishwas Rath vehicle, a specially designed mobile exhibition showcasing the developmental achievements made in the district over the past four years, under the Theme ‘UT Govt Key 4 Saal Bemisaal’.
The vehicle, fitted with LED screens, will travel across the district, displaying a short film highlighting the unprecedented progress and growth in different sectors in the district. The Rath was flagged off by the Principal Secretary, Power Development Department, H. Rajesh Prasad, along with Deputy Commissioner Doda, Vishesh Mahajan.
This unique initiative aims to create awareness among the residents about the transformation brought about by the government in the district and to instill a sense of confidence and trust in them.
The LED screens on the vehicle will screen a short film that showcases the development initiatives undertaken in Doda under different sectors such as road infrastructure, healthcare, education, agriculture, tourism, and more. The film will highlight the significant milestones achieved, including the construction of roads, establishment of healthcare facilities, improvement in educational institutions, implementation of welfare schemes, and promotion of tourism activities.
The Vikas/Vishwas Rath vehicle will visit different parts of the district, including remote and inaccessible areas, to ensure maximum outreach. It will stop at various locations, allowing the residents to view the film and learn about the positive changes that have taken place in their community. The presence of the vehicle will also provide an opportunity for the people to interact with the officials and gain further insights into the ongoing and proposed development projects.
The launch of the Vikas/Vishwas Rath vehicle is part of the UT Foundation Day celebrations and symbolizes the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. By showcasing the development achievements, the administration aims to strengthen the bond between the government and the residents, instilling a sense of pride and confidence in them.
The DC expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative and stressed the importance of effectively communicating the progress made in the district. He highlighted the government’s dedication to inclusive growth and welfare and urged the residents to actively participate in the development initiatives and in celebration of JK UT Foundation Day and EKTA Diwas on 31st of October.
The Vikas/Vishwas Rath vehicle is a significant step towards providing a platform for the residents to witness the positive impact of the government’s efforts firsthand. It encourages transparency, accountability, and community participation in the development process.
The DC thanked the residents for their continuous support and called upon them to actively participate in the celebrations of UT Foundation Day. He reiterated the administration’s commitment to the overall development of Doda and assured the people of their welfare and progress.

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