Doctors at Nunwan base camp hospital treat around 1200 Amarnath pilgrim patients every day

We see around 600-1200-even 1800 pilgrim patients in a day who are undertaking the Amarnath holy trek, said a doctor at the Nunwan base camp in Pahalgam. Around thirteen thousand three hundred and forty-five patients have been treated till now since the start of the 2023 Amarnath yatra, the doctor informed. Out of these, 90 pilgrim patients were admitted for 2-3 hours. Till now the situation is normal. We are equipped with oxygen facilities, we have concentrators, portable cylinders, cardiac monitors, an automatic Chest Compressor Machine (CPR) machine, and ECG facilities here, the doctor said. We have all types of facilities here. Apart from this we have a 24×7 critical ambulance available here if an emergency need arises to shift the patient to headquarters. We are prepared on all fronts. All facilities have been provided by the government of India and the government of Kashmir, said the doctor. Because of the heavy rain, pilgrims were seen to suffer from cold, cough, fever and stomach upset conditions, said a lady doctor at the Nunwan medical camp. Many yatris are forgetting to carry their BP and blood sugar medicines with them. The lady doctor advised yatris to carry their medicines with them and warm clothes, raincoat and umbrella so that they do not catch cold, cough and fever here. All the yatris travelling from Pahalgam to Amarnath arrive first at the Nunwan base camp. From here they proceed to the yatra. We also see OPD patients here and we have IPD available too. We are managing all kinds of emergencies. We stabilise the patients and then send them to Pahalgam. A patient was satisfied the way his treatment happened. He said the yatris were well taken care of. He also mentioned the locals were also treated with the same attention at the Nunwan base camp hospital.

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