District Magistrate Jammu declares to take strict action against illegal mining

JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 09: District Magistrate, Sachin Kumar Vaishya, today convened a meeting with mining lessees, contractors and stone crusher owners of the district and announced the district administration’s uncompromising stance against illegal mining, processing and transportation of minor minerals.
The District Magistrate asserted that the district administration would not tolerate any form of illicit mining activities. He underscored the significance of Jammu district, which boasts the highest number of mining blocks, carrying a correspondingly greater responsibility in safeguarding the region’s natural resources.
The DM enlightened the gathering on the dire consequences of excessive mining on bankment areas and the surrounding habitations. He emphasised the paramount importance of adhering to scientific and environmental guidelines while conducting mining activities within the district.
Reassuring the attendees, the District Magistrate affirmed the district’s commitment to facilitating mining operations carried out in accordance with the prescribed regulations. He reassured full support to ensure the responsible extraction of minerals while safeguarding the environment.
In a stern warning to those directly or indirectly involved in unlawful mining activities, including the operation of unlicensed stone crushers, the District Magistrate made it clear that stringent actions would be taken against any violation of mining laws and regulations.
The attendees were also encouraged to share their feedback and voice grievances, who later expressed their willingness to cooperate with the district administration in ensuring that mining activities are conducted in a lawful and responsible manner.
Additional District Magistrate, Harvinder Singh; District Mining Officer, Gulshan Kumar besides others were also present in the meeting.

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