District level Inter Zonal Tournament- Day 4

DODA, JUNE 11: The Day 4 of the District Level Inter Zonal Tournament being held at the Sports Stadium Doda witnessed tough competitions as teams of different zones compete in Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and other games.
The event brought together over 320 enthusiastic students and players from 10 different zones of District Doda, showcasing a thrilling exhibition of athletics and teamwork.
In Under-14 Girls’ Kho-Kho, the final match featured an exciting showdown between Zone Gundna and Assar. Zone Gundna emerged victorious over Assar by a close margin of 2 points, displaying exceptional skill and sportsmanship.
The teams of Bhatyas and Thathri clashed in the Kabaddi final match, with both sides putting up a spirited fight. However, Bhatyas team members secured a decisive victory over Thathri by a remarkable lead of 13 points, demonstrating their strength and strategic game play.
The matches were marked by tough competition, exceptional sportsmanship, and enthusiastic support from both participants and spectators alike. Each team exhibited commendable dedication, skill and teamwork, making the event a memorable celebration of sportsmanship and athletic excellence.

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