District Level Committee reviews Child Protection measures in Rajouri district

RAJOURI, FEBRUARY 17: Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Om Prakash Bhagat today chaired a crucial meeting of the District Level Child Protection Committee with the aim to ensure the effective welfare and protection of children in the district. The meeting witnessed an in-depth and comprehensive discussion on various key points to enhance the functioning of the district-level child welfare committee.
The primary focus of the meeting was to deliberate on the Juvenile Justice Act, Mission Vatsalya and other initiatives of the Government meant for the welfare of the children.
Furthermore, the meeting emphasized the importance of enrolling children residing in slums in educational institutions. The CEO Education, was directed to take immediate action to ensure that every child in slum areas has access to quality education, thereby empowering them with knowledge and opportunities for a brighter future.
The health and well-being of children were also given paramount attention during the discussions. The CMO was directed to conduct thorough check-ups of children living in slum areas, assessing and addressing their health parameters. This step reflects the commitment of the committee to providing comprehensive healthcare services to children in need.
Moreover, the Deputy Commissioner also directed the concerned members of the district child welfare committee to undertake meticulous mapping of children requiring care and support. The aim is to identify children who are vulnerable or in need of targeted interventions, ensuring that their specific needs are addressed promptly and effectively.
The meeting concluded with a commitment from all members of the District Level Child Protection Committee to work collaboratively and diligently towards the welfare and protection of children in the district. The committee recognized the significance of a holistic approach, encompassing education, healthcare, and social welfare, to create an environment where children can thrive and realize their full potential.
Among the others, ADDC Rajouri, Pawan Kumar; ADC Rajouri, Rajeev Kumar Khajuria; ASP, Musadiq Majid Basu; PO ICDS, Shoket Mehmood Malik; DSWO, Abdul Raheem; CMO, Dr Rajinder Sharma; CEO Education, Bishamber Dass and other concerned officers and President NGO, Rajiv Khajuria.

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