District administration launches cleanliness drive in Shree Sarthal Devi Temple ahead of Annual Yatra 2024

KISHTWAR, July 11: In a significant initiative under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the District Administration Kishtwar spearheaded by Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar, Dr Devansh Yadav in collaboration with the Sarthal Devi Management Trust, conducted a cleanliness drive in the holy premises of Sarthal Devi Temple today.
This drive was organized in anticipation of the Annual Shree Sarthal Devi Yatra 2024, with the aim of ensuring a clean and welcoming environment for the devotees.
The cleanliness drive was spearheaded by Additional Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar, Pawan Kotwal, alongside ACD Kishtwar, Phulail Singh, Vice Chairman Sarthal Devi Management Trust Sanjeev Parihar, BDO Trigam Chandan Manhas, EO Municipality and SI Vinay Sharma.
Their efforts were bolstered by the enthusiastic participation of Staff of Kishtwar Municipality, Anganwadi Workers and local residents, reflecting a strong community spirit and dedication to maintaining the sanctity of the temple premises.
During the drive, the locals and devotees visiting the temple were sensitized about the importance of cleanliness. They were encouraged to maintain the cleanliness of the temple premises and avoid littering. The awareness campaign aimed to instill a sense of responsibility among the visitors and the community at large, ensuring that the temple remains clean and pristine for future visitors.
The collected garbage and litter were properly segregated and disposed of, following the best practices for waste management. This step not only ensured the immediate cleanliness of the temple premises but also promoted sustainable waste management practices.
The Vice Chairman Sarthal Devi Management Trust, Sanjeev Parihar expressed gratitude towards the District Administration and participants for their active involvement in the cleanliness drive. They acknowledged that such initiatives are crucial in preserving the sanctity and beauty of the temple, especially with the upcoming Annual Shree Sarthal Devi Yatra 2024, which attracts a large number of devotees from across the region.

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