District Admin Kishtwar in collaboration with DECC Kishtwar & Tech Mahindra Foundation organize workshop/seminar on Career Development opportunities

KISHTWAR, OCTOBER 19: District Administration Kishtwar, in a strategic collaboration with DECC Kishtwar and Tech Mahindra Foundation, orchestrated an enlightening and forward-thinking workshop/seminar that set its sights on the burgeoning allied health , Logistic & IT sector. This event, held with meticulous planning and care, aimed to empower the local community by shedding light on the vast potential and opportunities in these vital fields.
The highlight of the event was that the Deputy Commissioner Dr. Devansh Yadav focused on the intrinsic value of these courses in response to market demand and emphasized the exponential growth of the health, IT and logistics sector and stressed the significance of aligning education and skill development programs with evolving job market requirements.
The Deputy Commissioner committed to nurture a workforce capable of meeting the community and broader economic needs was evident.
DC also encouraged participants to consider these fields as prime avenues for career development, emphasizing the immense potential and opportunities.
The workshop unfolded in two distinct sessions, combining the best of offline and online learning modalities. The offline segment was skillfully conducted by the erudite Dr. Satish, who brought a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the participants and his presentation delved into the nuances of the allied health sector, covering diverse areas such as medical technology, radiology, and patient care etc.
The online session was equally enlightening, with “Dr. Hanumat to logistic” and “Dr. Sai in IT” segments that resonated with the digitally evolving world. Participants were exposed to the exciting domains of logistics and information technology, and the potential career prospects within them.
The emphasis on these courses extended to the Assistant Director Employment Kishtwar, Idrees Lone who announced an outstanding opportunity for aspiring learners and highlighted that participants could benefit from scholarships of up to 80% to facilitate their educational journey. This remarkable offer further underlines the commitment of the local administration to make quality education accessible to all.
The Workshop was attended by Jyoti Parihar (Principal GDC, Kishtwar), Idrees Lone, (Assistant Director Employment Kishtwar), Vinod Shant, Employment Officer and other officials of GDC and DECC Kishtwar.

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